About Me

I’m Luke Russells and I love technology!

I began my journey as a “techie” at the age of 12 when I decided that technology was amazing and could do wonderful things. My mom bought me for my birthday a hologram of Yoda from Star Wars and from there I was hooked. Watched all the Star Wars movies, loved them! And that is where my interest in Technology began. The tech they use in Star Wars was way beyond our time and I just knew that in time things like hover boards and Smellevision (I thought of it first, just BTW) would come to be.

So now I love all technology, and started turning my own home into a Smart Home. Doing things automatically, like lights going on and off based on where I am in my home. Fully automated vacuum cleaners, security to my phone where I can open certain doors and gates. I’m loving every step of this journey to making my home an awesome Smart Home.

Stay with me, and I will show you what I have learnt and installed to make my Smart Home optimal, safe and so cool!